Photos: Tears For Fears 2012

I remember hearing about how big the concert was during 2010, but never realized it was this BIG. I covered 2 nights of Tears For Fears performing at the Smart Araneta Coliseum, and even after the first night, it hit me, they were unbelievable. Having the coliseum filled up with thousands of Filipino fans, it was such an amazing event to be part of. I may not be that big of a fan, but after, I was happily one.


Per Sorensen of Fra Lippo Lipi was entertaining. He opened for Tears For Fears for the 2 nights. I enjoyed his music since I grew up hearing his songs during the 90’s (thanks to my parents). I also tried to sing along while shooting, which is one of the many things I like in my line of work. Also had the chance to chat with him backstage, he was very nice. I think he came with some of his family members, including his son/s and brother i think(?) Nevertheless, him performing before Tears For Fears was perfect.


As soon as the venue went dark, the crowd started roaring with excitement, and I started shooting.


During this coverage I made my way around the whole venue, well I always try do so. With all the cheers and screams, it made me care less on how tiring circling the whole venue can be, it was like my feet were on autopilot. The lighting is also one of the reasons why I enjoy shooting. I mean, it different every concert, plus, knowing that TFF is a band from almost decades ago, they still showcased a very interesting stage and lighting setup. Some concerts tend to limit the lights, probably for the artist or so, but sometimes, you will look for more. Though, it’s a good challenge every time.


I will never forget having goosebumps when they sang their famous songs. But to be more particular, SHOUT, did give that exclamation point. And yes, I am having goosebumps again. It was an amazing encore, an awesome performance and it certainly had the best crowd!

This concert is presented by Ovation Productions